11. Current research on Delos


Archaeology in Greece ONLINE

Thermos. I. Papapostolou (ASA) reports on continued excavation in 2016 and 2017 of the 2 monumental staircases behind the E stoa of the Sanctuary of Apollo. The staircases were approached through 2 monumental gateways opening from the back wall of the stoa. The N gateway (width 4.40m) had 2 poros piers, of which the lower part was preserved, while the much wider (7.00m) S gateway also had poros piers, but its lintel was also supported by 2 pillars because of its width. The space between the gateway (neither of which had door leaves) and the staircases was paved. The recent uncovering of the SE retaining-wall of the agora (investigated by G. Sotiriadis in 1901-1902) explains the orientation of the S staircase, which led to the terrace supported by the retaining-wall. A first determinat
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