Consultation and reproduction of the ‘manuscript’ archives
Those consulting, reproducing and reusing archive documents held by the French School at Athens must respect the provisions of the French heritage (art. L.213-1-8) and intellectual property (art. L.123-1-4) codes.

To consult the FSA’s ‘manuscript’ archives, it is necessary to contact the staff in charge of the archives (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), specifying your identity, the subject and nature of your research, and the detailed references of the documents required, which you will find in Calames and the catalogue of the FSA's library (titles and shelfmarks).

Consultation may take place from Monday to Friday, by appointment only, in a dedicated room in the library.

All forms of reproduction (photocopying, tracing, photography, scanning, and so on) are forbidden if not authorized by the staff member in charge of the archives, regarding the franch and greek legislations. If use of the archives requires authorization from the copyright holder, you must request this from the holder and present it to the archives service. Specific and full references to the author and document (shelfmark, description, dates) as well as the note ‘EFA, photo: [photographer’s name]’ are compulsory in the captions of published reproductions.

The fees charged for the supply of digital documents by the archives service were set by a resolution of the FSA's Board of Trustees on 24 March 2014.



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Dans la commune de Kallithiro, Ch. Karagiannopoulos (XXXIVe éphorie des antiquités préhistoriques et classiques) a mené en 2011 une fouille de sauvetage sur le terrain Zouloumi (OT 59), situé aux abords Nord du site archéologique de Kallithiro, sur la colline d’Aghios Athanassios, où se trouvent les vestiges de l’acropole de l’habitat antique d’époque hellénistique et de la...
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