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    100 years with Danish architects at l’‘Ecole française d’Athènes
    Acts of a Symposium held in Athens and Copenhagen 2008 by l’Ecole française d’Athènes and the Danish Institute at Athens

    Erik Hallager , Dominique Mulliez (Dir.)
    25 €

    Collection et numéro : HC
    Année : 2010
    Éditeur(s) : École française d’Athènes,
                     The Danish Institute at Athens
    ISBN : 978-2-86958-219-4

    Pour toute information - Πληροφορίες
    École française d’Athènes - 6, rue Didotou - 10680 Athènes -,
    tel. +30/2103679922,
    The Danish Institute at Athens - 14, Herefondos - Platia Aghias Aikaterinis - GR 105 58 Plaka Athens -

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    Property of Sampsaki-Andreou (Fig. 1, Fig. 2), Kastelli, Kissamos
    Property of Sampsaki-Andreou (Fig. 1, Fig. 2), Kastelli, Kissamos. Nektarios O. Paterakis (ΚΕ’ ΕΠΚΑ) reports that during 2009, the salvage excavations continued in Kissamos, Chania. South of the town, the remains of two Roman buildings as well as drains of the Roman occupation and of the Early Byzantine period were discovered at the property of Sampsaki-Andreou. The Ephorate conducted works SE of the Sampsaki-Andreou...
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