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  • Trois sanctuaires sur le rivage occidental : Dioscourion, Asclépieion, sanctuaire anonyme (Leucothion ?)

    Fernand Robert
    Collection et numéro : EAD XX
    Année : 1952
    Éditeur(s) : De Boccard Éditions
    ISBN : 978-2-86958-338-2


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    Exposition EFA 175


    Pylos - Romanou

    Pylos - Romanou. E. Malapani, (Ephorate of Antiquities of Messenia), reports on the trial trenches made by the Ephorate due the imminent construction of a sports area. Antiquities dated between the Bronze Age and the late Roman times were revealed in the entirety of the area.

    Extended housing remains, dated in the Early Helladic times (EHII) according to the pottery found in the destruction layer, were located in the SE part...

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