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  • Thasos: ten centuries inscribed in marble
    A brief history on the basis of inscriptions

    Julien Fournier, Patrice Hamon, Natacha Trippé
    9 €

    Collection et numéro : Épitomé 1
    Année : 2020
    Éditeur(s) : École française d’Athènes
    ISBN : 978-2-86958-443-3
    Largeur : 14 cm
    Hauteur : 20 cm
    Poids : 129 g
    Nombre de pages : 63
    Distributeurs : Peeters Publishers
    Statut : en stock
    Langue : Anglais
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    Epitome [ɪˈpɪt.ə.mi], [i-ˈpi-tə-mē]: A summary of a written work, a book, a story; more specifically, of history. The Epitome collection is born from a gamble: we asked top specialists to explain the essence of a question concerning Greece, from its origins till today. It allows the French School at Athens to utilize original research data in the most synthetic way possible and to promote the acquisition of knowledge to the widest possible audience. In a short format, published simultaneously in English, French and Greek, this new collection aims to put within reach of all the keys to understanding the current challenges of Hellenism.

    The Thasian construction of Time: monumental lists from the agora
    The early days of the city (7th–5th centuries BC)
    Between Athens and Macedonia (4th–2nd centuries BC)
    In the orbit of Rome (1st century BC–4th century AD)

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    Port of Hersonissos (Limenas Hersonissou). Property of N. Zacharopoulos
    Port of Hersonissos (Limenas Hersonissou), Property of N. Zacharopoulos.

    K. Gkalanaki (ΚΓ’ ΕΠΚΑ) reports that from 02/05/07 to 31/08/07 excavation works took place at the property of N. Zacharopoulos (1.300 square metres in total). This plot was created after the junction of two other plots, and was conventionally named as Sector 1 and 2. During the trial trenching of 1997 that took place at the W part...
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