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  • Egyptian cults and sanctuaries on Delos

    Hélène Brun-Kyriakidis
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    Collection et numéro : Épitomé 3 (v. eng)
    Année : 2021
    Éditeur(s) : École française d’Athènes
    ISBN : 978-2-86958-550-8
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    Hauteur : 20 cm
    Nombre de pages : 64
    Distributeurs : Peeters Publishers
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    Langue : Anglais
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    Renowned to this day for its Sanctuary of Apollo, the island of Delos was a flourishing trading port in antiquity that drew both Greeks and foreigners to its shores for commercial purposes. Many exotic deities – some hailing from the east and others, introduced by the Italian community, from the west – were worshipped on the island.

    Gods from Egypt
    The arrival of Sarapis
    The cult officialised
    A complex pantheon
    Three sanctuaries to visit
    Sarapieion A
    Sarapieion B
    Sarapieion C
    Cult practices and administration
    Cult staff and devotee associations
    Dedications and offerings
    Altars and sacrifices
    Remarkable constructions: the Sarapieia’s crypts and wells
    An exotic touch
    Personal devotion
    Isiaca in houses and tombs
    Harpocrates, a domestic divinity

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    Exposition EFA 175


    Marathon, Brexiza

    Marathon, Brexiza. I. Dekoulakou (ASA) reports on continued excavations at the Sanctuary of the Egyptian Gods, particularly in Rooms 24 and 25.

    The floor had a fine layer of sand on which fragments of paving slabs were found, pieces of red and off-white plaster, Laconian rooftiles, coarse pottery and kitchenwares, all of which give an indication for the use of these rooms.

    Another upper part of a Corinthian capital...

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