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  • L'article "From Virginity to Orgasm: Marriage and Sexuality in Twentieth-century Greece" co-écrit par Kostis Gkotsinas, membre scientifique de l’École française d'Athènes, Efi Avdela, Despo Kritsotaki et Dimitra Vassiliadou, vient de paraître dans la revue à comité de lecture Journal of Family History.

    This article charts the gradual sexualization of marriage in twentieth-century Greece, exploring both expert and lay ideas. First, through official writings and marital correspondence, it sketches the subtle transformation of the nineteenth-century ideal of conjugal love into a more sexualized emotion by the turn of the century. Then, it analyzes the writings of “sex experts” and the correspondence with their clients, showcasing how sexual pleasure became a priority within marriage after World War II. Lastly, the records of a postwar mental health service show that by the late 1970s, the consensus on the importance of mutual sexual satisfaction was being established.




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    Marathon, Brexiza
    Marathon, Brexiza. I. Dekoulakou (ASA) reports on continued excavation in building B (Fig. 1). Laconian roof tiles, 3rd-4th c. AD pottery sherds, seashells, the base of an ionic column (Fig. 2) and part of a Corinthian column capital (Fig. 3) were found and dated to Imperial times.
    A structure built against the wall, which appears to...
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