The French School at Athens has developed a series of partnerships in recent years to develop the digital dissemination of its journals and volumes.
In addition to the online books available and downloadable on the OpenEdition, Persée, and Cefael platforms (see here), the French School at Athens has signed a partnership with Torrossa, the Digital division of Casalini Libri for the sale of the ebook forms of its printed books.

Casalini Libri is today one of the main suppliers of publications throughout Mediterranean Europe to libraries and institutions around the world.
Casalini Libri offers, in particular to libraries, the supply of quality publications and bibliographic services and supports publishers through marketing and distribution.
The Digital Division of Casalini Libri has been responsible for the publication, distribution and online sale of digital publications for the past 20 years. Torrossa, the name of the historic site of Casalini Libri in Fiesole, offers a point of reference within the vast panorama of academic scientific publications, for purchase by the private user and for subscription by libraries, institutions and organizations.

Over 270 publishers contribute their content to this digital library. As part of their common digital dissemination policy, the Casa de Velázquez, the École française de Rome and the French School at Athens work with Torrossa for the marketing and sale of their ebooks.
After registering on the site, browsing is free. Many search functions are available: the application of additional filters, using categories and breadcrumb navigation, results sorted by interest (by default) or by author, title or publisher, display of keywords within example pages, consultation of indexes, frontispieces, colophons, summaries and example pages, the possibility to consult texts in their entirety or in the form of chapters/articles, and the possibility of using the menu to seek external sources.
The PDF files on Torrossa are fully searchable and the usage options include copy and paste, printing and on-site downloading.
A personal workspace is available to allow the user to save his/her research and use it later, or to mark and comment on the results of particular interest. You can use your own workspace to compile bibliographies and lists of citations before exporting them into the most common software formats.
It is possible to buy texts securely using PayPal or a credit card. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to download the PDF file. You can also access your order archive which contains all the files purchased and the list of previous orders.