As is usual when we present our excavation sites, we offer you several levels of approach to the site of Delos. You may choose any one, according to your prior knowledge of the subject, or work your way through them at your leisure.


After a general overview of the site and its history, five topics are offered for a more detailed discovery, aimed at all audiences, of the site of Delos.

General introduction:

Specific topics:

Accompanying information:
a chronology of Delos and a series of maps are available.


In more detail

The chapters below will give you a more exact idea of the chronology of the excavations at Delos, as well as of the research programmes that are currently underway.

In the bibliography, you will find the reference works necessary for acquiring a deeper knowledge of the site of Delos.


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1 Katre Street, Kasteli

1 Katre Street, Kasteli. 

Maria Andreadaki-Vlazaki (ΚΕ EPKA) reports the continuation of the excavation in the area of the expanded courtyard of the early LM IIIB period (beginning of the 13th c. B.C.) (Fig. 1). During the excavation of the trenches Θ and ΙΕ, it was confirmed that the extensive concentration of stones that were surrounded by a line of large unworked boulders date to the LM IIIC...

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