ANCHISE International Symposium- The economic and social context of illicit trafficking in archaeological artifacts

mercredi 8 novembre 2023 - jeudi 9 novembre 2023    
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Université de Poitiers
Hôtel Berthelot, 24 rue de la Chaîne, Poitiers, 86073

ANCHISE International Symposium
The economic and social context of illicit trafficking in archaeological artifacts

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*The number of participants in Poitiers is limited, we recommend to register quickly if you want to attend in person.


Participate in the first ANCHISE public event and meet international researchers and practitioners engaged in the fight against illicit trafficking in archeology and meet the project partners.

In the framework of the European project ANCHISE (Horizon Europe –, the laboratory HERMA of the University of Poitiers and the European University Institute of Florence are organizing a two-day Symposium.

The event has the main objective to exchange knowledge about the economic and social contexts that allow the illicit trade of cultural heritage, in particular archaeological goods, from the source countries to the market countries. Europe hosts one of the main markets for ancient arts and antiquities, and it is particularly rich in archaeological remains. As such, it is confronted both with the looting of its sites and with the influx of goods illicitly imported from other regions of the world, starting with its neighbors in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Symposium will try to explain and understand the various forms of illicit trafficking in antiquities, the framework in which they develop and the economic interests that such a market presupposes, essentially targeting mainly the Euro-Mediterranean region, with openings on other regions.

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